Host virtual events that attendees love – social, fun, memorable

Turn your audience into active participants with real-world-like social interactions and build a long-lasting community.

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Leading companies and events leaders have hosted events on Pluto

Create jaw-dropping, branded 3D venues that make your events stand out

Want to showcase projects or team photos in a browsable gallery? Host a party with a festival vibe? Relax on the beach? You can build your venue in a few clicks by combining beautiful 3D spaces or creating your own.

Attendees in AuditoriumAttendees on the beach

Host events where attendees socialize, meet new people and connect with colleagues

Pluto is the most interactive virtual events platform. Attendees move around, walk in and out of conversations naturally, and freely explore the venue. Chance meetings and serendipity are back.

Attendees in music festival

Bring your team or community together through fun activities.

Add activities and on-brand content like scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, trivia games, live DJs, music concerts, and more. Pluto’s spatial audio enables attendees to socialize with people nearby while participating in activities.

Team building

For team building, social hours and holiday parties

Bring your team together online for unforgettable experiences. Empower your team to re-connect and forge meaningful relationships across your company. You can create an event venue that fits the event theme and feels connected to your brand.


For welcome receptions, networking and after parties

Online events don’t have to be transactional. Provide attendees with opportunities to socialize and connect in a fun and relaxing environment. You can build a long-lasting community online.

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